With the need for economically friendly and financially beneficial homes being stressed for all newly built homes, looking into the trends of these new homes’ hot water usage is the key.

This will help find out how to save the extra dollar on electricity bills as ECO ICF solutions stated that homes using electricity as their sole energy source, heating and maintaining a
hot water supply is the largest component of a household’s electricity bills.

The two most common water heating options in New Zealand are electric water heating and gas/ liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The old electric cylinders are the most popular heating
method in homes.

Smarter Homes has said these were small, low pressure and energy inefficient, compared to the modern cylinders that are high pressure and nearly 180 litres or bigger.

Gas hot water is more efficient than electric water heating and provides continuous hot water whilst also only using gas when water taps are turned on. These clear benefits show
that for regular water users, installing gas/LPG heating is ideal for new large homes.

Big step up in NZ hot water trends

There has been a big step up in hot water trends over the past decade alone.

The Energy Department has worked on the next big water heating technologies that will help new households by being both energy and financially efficient.

From advances such as a CO2 water heater that is more efficient and environmentally friendly than the current water heaters available, to the Vertex Water Heater, a gas heater that has a lower
manufacturing cost and provides savings to customers of up to 30 percent.

These advances in water heat pumps are providing both efficiency and much needed savings to newly built homeowners and are evidence of the rapidly increasing options customers have when building new homes.