As we welcome the cold winter months in New Zealand, Continuous Hot Water is helping Kiwi households put an end to cold showers and high power bills.

With the growth in gas energy in households, there has never been a better time to invest in gas hot water, and more importantly, continuous hot water.

The Continuous Hot Water brand is a new face in online shopping, but we have been operating in New Zealand in the gasfitting and plumbing industry serving customers directly for over 21 years.

We are now offering Continuous Hot Water units at New Zealand’s lowest ever retail pricing.

As part of growing innovations into water heating in New Zealand, Continuous Hot Water means you can say goodbye to your hot water cylinder, and hello to a new Continuous Hot Water unit which only heats the water as you need it. The units will bring major savings for home water heating, as they instantly heat water on demand using gas hot water, instead of conventional hot water cylinders that heat and store hot water which use far more energy.

Enjoying all the hot water you want when you want is something many people dream of. Now we make it fast, efficient and cheap water heating a reality for all New Zealanders.

There is a range of gas hot water units here on this site to suit any household and even commercial outfits, with most qualified plumbers and gas fitters in New Zealand being able to simply install them to any system capable of producing gas home water heating.

We are offering a 30 day money back guarantee on any gas hot water unit we provide and invite you to take a closer look at how you can save money on your home energy bill.